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The Crypto Conversation

Dec 21, 2023

Sebastien Borget is the co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of The Sandbox a virtual world that leverages blockchain technology to empower users to create, build, buy, and sell digital assets in the form of a game. 

Why you should listen

Players, brands and companies can create worlds and experiences with the...

Dec 20, 2023

Rena Shah is a former petroleum engineer turned Bitcoin strategist at Trust Machines. Trust Machines has the goal of onboarding 1 billion people into Bitcoin.

Why you should listen

Trust Machines is building the largest ecosystem of Bitcoin applications to maximize the value of the Bitcoin network. They are Bitcoin...

Dec 19, 2023

Simon Chadwick is Co-founder and CEO at Eclipse Fi, a modular launch and liquidity protocol on Cosmos. Eclipse Fi aims to revolutionize token launches, and support innovation across Cosmos and up-and-coming Layer2s.

Why you should listen

Simon says that the goal of Eclipse Fi is to align quality projects with users by...

Dec 17, 2023

Claude Eguienta is the Chief Executive Officer at Mimo Capital, a company that creates protocols providing tokenized real-world assets. So far, it has created the Kuma and Parallel protocols. Kuma is a DeFi protocol that provides tokenized real-world assets. The Parallel protocol is a lending platform...

Dec 13, 2023

Jeff Owens is co-founder of Haven1 - an EVM-compatible layer 1 blockchain designed to offer a secure, trusted environment to drive the mass adoption of on-chain finance. DeFi with training wheels.


Why you should listen

Incubated by the team behind digital wealth platform, Yield App, Haven1 incorporates a provable...