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The Crypto Conversation

Dec 19, 2023

Simon Chadwick is Co-founder and CEO at Eclipse Fi, a modular launch and liquidity protocol on Cosmos. Eclipse Fi aims to revolutionize token launches, and support innovation across Cosmos and up-and-coming Layer2s.

Why you should listen

Simon says that the goal of Eclipse Fi is to align quality projects with users by providing a platform for launching tokens that attracts users into the ecosystem and builds a community.

Simon discusses the concept of a launch pad and how it is evolving into something more meta. He talks about bringing different types of launch and distribution mechanisms to align early communities of projects.

Recognising a substantial market gap for a dependable launch platform, the team established Eclipse Fi as a go-to primitive launch platform for DeFi and Web3, addressing multiple issues related to launchpads and token launches.

Eclipse Fi aims to become the hub for GTM, launches, and liquidity bootstrapping. A place where builders and the community can get involved and help to innovate and shape the future of token launches sustainably. 

They chose the Cosmos ecosystem with Neutron as an initial home base due to the lack of adequate launch solutions, the high quality of projects and chains being developed, the strong focus on quality DeFi, and the cross-chain interoperable nature of IBC.

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