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The Crypto Conversation

Feb 29, 2024

Dr. K is the Co-Founder of Quai Network, a new Layer 1 network of blockchains designed to scale to handle all human commerce while maintaining true decentralization. 

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Quai Network is an EVM compatible, highly scalable, secure Layer 1 blockchain, designed for fast, low cost, high-throughput...

Feb 26, 2024

Matt Liu is the co-founder of Origin Protocol, an Ethereum-powered platform for NFTs, DeFi, Liquid Staking, and Restaking.

Why you should listen

Origin has a stablecoin, the Origin Dollar (OUSD) to support users as they passively earn yield on OUSD held in wallets – as opposed to being staked or locked up in a...

Feb 25, 2024

Lark Davis is a cryptocurrency investor, influencer, YouTuber, and founder of weekly crypto newsletter, Wealth Mastery. He shares his top crypto narratives for 2024, and why it's better to be an investor than a trader. 

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Lark Davis began creating cryptocurrency content in 2017, starting on the Steam...

Feb 22, 2024

Peter Curk is the CEO of ICONOMI, an advanced crypto investment and portfolio platform that makes it easy for beginners and for power users to choose from hundreds of Crypto Strategies and copy them with a single click.


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ICONOMI is a cryptocurrency portfolio management platform. Offering a suite...

Feb 20, 2024

Spada₿oom is the founder of BadgerDAO, a Bitcoin-focused DeFi protocol. The team is working on eBTC – a groundbreaking new synthetic asset that capitalizes on the evolution of ETH staking to create the most transparent and capital-efficient borrowing facility for Bitcoin on Ethereum in DeFi.


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