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The Crypto Conversation

Feb 22, 2023

Curtis Schlaufman is the Global Head of Marketing at Enya Labs - a core contributor to the Boba Network, an Ethereum Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup scaling solution.

Why you should listen

Founded by a team of Stanford faculty and alumni, Enya Labs is an innovator of software frameworks specializing in distributed systems...

Feb 19, 2023

Kevin Callahan is Co-Founder at Uniblock, who provide a collection of blockchain tool kits designed to make Web3 development faster and scalable. 

Why you should listen

Uniblock provides blockchain toolkits such as the APIs, SDKs, and No-Code tools needed to build any Blockchain application. They offer various products...

Feb 12, 2023

Berk Ozdogan aka Firestorm is the Head of Strategy at Dexalot, a decentralized central limit order book exchange. Previously, he worked in traditional finance at JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, and Bank Of America Merrill Lynch. Firestorm is an electronic trading expert across FX and Equities asset classes, focusing...

Feb 9, 2023

Matthew Sedigh is the CEO at Xclaim, a marketplace for crypto bankruptcy claims. Users who have accounts with stranded assets at FTX, Genesis, Celsius, Voyager or BlockFi can sell the claim on their account to recover some liquidity. 


Why you should listen

Xclaim has helped more than 10,000 creditors manage more than...

Feb 6, 2023

Lucas Kiely is Chief Investment Officer at Yield app, a regulated digital wealth platform that offers its customers a comprehensive suite of wealth management products to manage their digital assets.

Why you should listen

Yield App unlocks the full potential of digital assets with a simple, safe, and secure...