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The Crypto Conversation

Dec 13, 2023

Jeff Owens is co-founder of Haven1 - an EVM-compatible layer 1 blockchain designed to offer a secure, trusted environment to drive the mass adoption of on-chain finance. DeFi with training wheels.


Why you should listen

Incubated by the team behind digital wealth platform, Yield App, Haven1 incorporates a provable identity framework and robust security guardrails at network level to provide retail, professional and institutional investors with an on-chain finance platform.

Haven1 aims to bridge DeFi for Web2.5 users. It is built for secure transactions on-chain, fulfilling Web3’s promise to integrate a DeFi feature into the system. Among Haven1’s notable initiatives is its provable identity framework, which provides a solution for transparent and verifiable financial transactions.

The complexities of transitioning into Web3 require long-term preparation for major communities to adopt due to the issues involved with blockchain awareness, interoperability, user experience, and scalability issues. Web2.5 provides a familiar feel of Web3 through its hybrid purpose, and Haven1 aims to bring Web2.5 users to easily navigate DeFi transactions in the Web3 space. With Haven1, you can seamlessly buy, trade, and sell your preferred assets within the network, free from hefty fees imposed by centralized authorities like banks. To unlock these benefits, all you need is a Haven1 token, and generally, there are no associated costs when moving assets between accounts. 

In a real-world setting, leveraging Haven1’s capabilities for transitioning from Web2.5 to Web3 promises a future of integrated financial inclusivity within the current centralized financial system.

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