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The Crypto Conversation

Mar 21, 2023

Robert Miller is VP of Growth at Fuse, a business and consumer-friendly blockchain for mainstream adoption of web3 payments.

Why you should listen

Fuse is an enterprise-grade, use-case agnostic, reliable, and secure decentralized EVM-compatible public blockchain. Fuse is designed for entrepreneurs and organizations that want to experiment, launch and scale Web3 apps and integrate crypto payments. Anyone can build on the Fuse Blockchain and leverage enterprise-ready, decentralized tech - be it existing crypto projects, start-ups, or blue-chip companies.

From gaming, social, or Web3 payment-focused products, Fuse is designed as a decentralized blockchain infrastructure built to power the future of Web3.

The Fuse SDK lets companies plug Web3 services and crypto payments into their existing mobile products with business-ready smart contract wallets, eliminating the complexities of Web3.

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