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The Crypto Conversation

Jun 15, 2020

A New Zealand software engineer, Sam Blackmore is the CEO and co-founder of Vimba, a platform that makes it easy for users to save Bitcoin using an automated dollar cost average strategy. 

Why you should listen:

After growing up as a surf photographer, Sam moved to Bristol in the early 2000s where he documented the street art culture popularized by Banksy. As a software engineer, Sam became fascinated by open source technology such as Linux. He first discovered Bitcoin when he saw a headline on a Linux magazine that described Bitcoin as the most powerful open-source technology ever created. Intrigued, Sam became fascinated by Bitcoin’s philosophy and potential. He created Vimba to make it possible for friends and family to easily accumulate Bitcoin without having to join an exchange. Vimba is now available in over thirty countries, making it easy for anyone to save in Bitcoin using an automated dollar cost average strategy.

Key takeaway:

To scale Vimba, Sam moved to the UK to leverage the UK’s open banking framework and FinTech friendly regulations. The 2018 open banking legislation forced banks to open up their APIs so that users can share their data with other services. This has allowed a wave of innovative new financial products. Vimba will integrate with these products allowing users to easily purchase Bitcoin or use it as collateral. Vimba’s mission is to make it as normal to accumulate BTC as it is to save dollars. A recent survey suggests that 42% of millennials are planning to buy BTC in the next 5 years.

Banksy is anonymous. Satoshi Nakamoto is anonymous. This anonymity allows Banky’s artwork and Satoshi’s Bitcoin to be judged on their own merits without being tainted by the individual creator and their beliefs or flaws.

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