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The Crypto Conversation

Aug 10, 2020

Josh Olszewicz is a professional crypto trader at Techemy Capital and the lead analyst at Brave New Coin. On this episode of the Crypto Conversation Josh joins Andy to discuss the recent positive price action, the TokenSets platform, and Josh confirms that we’re in a crypto bull market. 

Why you should listen:

Josh says that the technical indicators are looking very strong for BTC with strong echoes of 2017. “There is a possibility we’re set for a multi-year bull run, especially post-halving. It’s almost eerie the similarities we’re seeing in the price chart and in the fundamentals to 2017. It’s ramping up for quite an exciting situation. With Gold at all-time highs, ongoing money printing, and with chaos in the world, it’s an ideal macro backdrop for BTC to perform well.”

Josh says that for ETH, a price target of $750 is on the cards, and for BTC $13K might happen in the next two weeks. “$33k sounds like a ridiculous target, but for me, that is where we are headed. One of the big banks released a target recently of $125K based on the 2017 bull run, so all of a sudden my targets are low compared to traditional financial analysts. All the signs are converging, so seeing BTC at an all-time-high soon is an expectation. It’s not that I think it might happen, at this point I‘m expecting it will happen.”

Key takeaway:

Josh says that while it is an uncertain time in the world, the U.S. election might not be too disruptive to the markets. “As soon as Bernie lost the nomination, traditional financial markets exhaled dramatically. He was the potential change agent for anything that would affect them. But now, with Biden and Trump, they don’t mind too much, either is fine at this point. Biden is not going to rock the boat and Trump is Trump.”

Josh is a pro trader at Techemy Capital who has just launched two actively managed investment portfolios on the TokenSets automated asset management platform. This allows investors to gain exposure to BTC and ETH price action. Investors are now able to take advantage of the crypto market’s price moves without having to trade themselves - and because Techemy’s new products are non-custodial - without having to release control of their crypto assets to a third party. 

Techemy Capital’s BTC and ETH portfolios are actively traded using strategies designed to generate capital gains. Trades are executed by Techemy Capital’s professional in-house trading team, led by Rob Brewis and Josh Olszewicz.


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