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The Crypto Conversation

Nov 28, 2019

Notsofast is the pseudonymous Twitter persona of a crypto OG. Notsofast was a prolific early altcoin spec miner, a dogecoin enthusiast and one of Crypto Twitter’s most helpful personalities. Notsofast is a consultant to many blockchain projects and an advocate for the potential of decentralized, permissionless systems. An insightful and engaging speaker Notsofast says it’s important to get friendly with the idea of cognitive dissonance. 

Key takeaway:

Deploying a pseudonymous persona gives the individual a blank canvas to build a solid reputation by setting a good example. This is a kind of superpower. Notsofast’s entry into crypto came via Dogecoin, a fun community and an entry into the space that allowed users to not take themselves too seriously, or have to engage with fringe political beliefs. Notsofast has approximately 300 altcoin bags and believes that while Bitcoin maximalism is a strong argument for the success of blockchain generally, there is a part of it that descends into groupthink meaning nuanced discussion is lost. 

Why you should listen:

Hear why Dogecoin is an oscillator that has proven store of nostalgia properties, and while Notsofast was once a prolific spec miner, hobbyist mining opportunities are rare now that anyone can launch their own token. Notsofast says it’s important to get friendly with cognitive dissonance and he uses the Indian parable of the blind men and the elephant to illustrate the difficulties of grokking the crypto asset space. Plus Andy and Notsofast discuss Willy Woo’s Oscillators and Degenerators thesis, why families might be natural crypto custodians and the practicalities of securing 300 different altcoin holdings. 

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