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The Crypto Conversation

Nov 27, 2022

Austin Kimm is the Director of Strategy & Investments at a new solution that combines elements of centralized and decentralized financial solutions within a single marketplace.

Why you should listen

Almost one million users take advantage of to buy crypto, earn interest on their holdings, or boost their income with attractive earn products and ultimate security. is a brand-new solution that connects CeFi and DeFi. Austin says they call a MetaFi ecosystem, as they are gathering multiple solutions in a single marketplace to offer more opportunities to earn on crypto. New CeFi and DeFi products appear every day, but it is still a challenge for people to make use of them: one has to move between blockchains, platforms, wallets to access liquidity pools or multi-currency deposits. will aggregate the most profitable crypto solutions of the industry, regardless of their complexity under one roof. They will make it possible for both crypto newbies and pros to find an interesting way to earn on crypto every single moment in one app.

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