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The Crypto Conversation

Jul 28, 2021

Tom Bilyeu is the CEO of Impact Theory and one of the world’s leading motivational speakers. Tom is committed to pulling people out of the matrix. A successful multi-business entrepreneur, Tom’s goal is to impact culture at scale. He plans to do this by building the next Disney. Impact Theory produces comics, graphic novels, books, television, film, interview talk shows and more. Tom is building an NFT universe that will leverage the unique properties of Manga, Anime, and blockchain to take Impact Theory to the next level.

Why you should listen:

Impact Theory is a revolutionary studio that produces original content on themes of empowerment, by bringing together some of the most talented creators, writers, and artists. The studio was started by CEO Tom Bilyeu, one of the planet’s most successful entrepreneurs. Impact Theory distributes content across digital platforms including the emerging NFT space. The studio has built a loyal audience in the millions with over one billion social media impressions, and its catalog of content has hundreds of millions of views. 

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