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The Crypto Conversation

Mar 21, 2022

Cody Willard, an American investor and hedge fund manager and ex-anchor on the Fox Business Network is a co-founder of SKTLs ("Sky's The Limit"). The SKTL Space Tokens will be airdropped free-of-charge to U.S. and Canadians on May 6th, Space Day, 2022.

Why you should listen

The SKTL ERC20 token project is a cryptocurrency token for space enthusiasts. SKTL tokens are designed to capitalize on the future of the space economy while at the same time providing funds to clean up space debris. Space debris is an ever-growing problem that has the potential to severely affect the space economy and the ease of access to outer space.

Morgan Stanley predicts that the global space industry could surpass a total value of $1T by 2040. The designers of the SKTL token believe this estimate is conservative and expect the space economy to become a multi-trillion dollar economy within the next ten years and become perhaps the single largest economic revolution in history over the next decades.

There is a cloud of more than 9,000 tons of space debris flying around in space at more than 10x the speed of a bullet that poses a huge risk to satellites, rockets, and anything else needed for the space economy.

The SKTL cryptocurrency token is a smart contract that is intended to reward holders for humanity’s progress in developing and exploring space while also providing a fund to help with ensuring that Space remains open to humanity.  This token provides a way for token holders to benefit from the incredible potential growth that the Space economy offers while also supporting the very necessary social good of space cleanup.

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