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The Crypto Conversation

Sep 9, 2021

Maestro Bignose is a co-founder of Elyseos, a decentralized ecosystem designed to support the evolving Sacramental Medicine space. Sacramental medicines include psychedelic plants and fungi. The Elyseos DAO supports the evolving ecosystem with compassionate feedback loops incentivizing collaboration and decentralization.

Why you should listen:

As people search for meaning, and alternative ways of healing, Sacramental Medicines are bursting into the mainstream. The risks in this emergence include dilution, corruption, decay, centralization, control, and capture. Middlemen and ‘authorities’ can excessively appropriate the value generated while excluding dedicated servants, discoverers, and long-time practitioners.

Maestro Bignose compares the new world of blockchain and Web3 to the ancient world of shamans. He says, “It is a wonderful meeting between one unregulated sphere so ancient it is forgotten by the mainstream and another unregulated sphere just birthing and completely nascent. Decentralized ledgers bypass the legacy system, whose top-down hierarchical control structures tend to be resistant and inimical to what shamanic medicines represent. These two universes share in being fundamentally distributed, robust, private, and by their nature not amenable to capture and control. They often escape. They both teach us to take deep responsibility for our agency rather than handing it off to a third party. Control your set and setting is similar to not your keys, not your coins.”

Elyseos is built on the Fantom network. This ecosystem will use a utility token - ELYS which you can buy on ZooDEX. To buy ELYS you will need MetaMask installed with the Fantom Opera network active on it.

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