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The Crypto Conversation

Oct 28, 2019

John McAfee speaks to us from inside a Faraday cage. At the height of the 2017 crypto bull run John made a wild Bitcoin price prediction and bet his manhood on it coming true. John is a renegade, he’s an outlaw, he may or may not be on the run from the US government and he has just launched a new decentralized exchange that he says will rival Binance in six months time. 

Key takeaway:

A passionate Libertarian, John seeks to free people from corrupt governments. His latest endeavour is the McAfee Decentralized Exchange (DEX). A DEX cannot be shut down by authorities. John believes that governments will continue to crack down on the crypto ecosystem and to defend against this, it is critical that a network of decentralized exchanges exist to enable the free exchange of crypto assets.

Why you should listen:

John is a notorious prankster, trickster, and modern day pirate. That makes him a very entertaining interview subject. Listen as John explains why he is talking to us from a Faraday cage so that the authorities cannot track him. We discuss John’s wild Bitcoin price prediction, why he thinks the math says that Bitcoin hits 1 million by Dec 31, 2020, and why John believes this is a bet he can’t lose. Plus - John’s fascinating history working as a programmer at NASA, and on black projects at Lockheed, and we finish with the Crypto Conversation hot take round.


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