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The Crypto Conversation

May 22, 2022

Josh Reyes is the co-founder of the Minke, a DeFi platform that aims to be the easiest way to use DeFi via an app designed for mobile. Minke offers savings rates 40x higher than big banks.

Why you should listen

Co-founders Josh Reyes and Marcos Teixeira met as early employees at Melbourne startup SmartrMail. Like that venture, the global team is operating remotely with early employees based in Australia, Portugal, Japan, Brazil, and the UK.

Minke is a non-custodial wallet, meaning only you have access to your money, not Minke, not anyone else. Minke believes self-custody is the safest way to protect your money in the long-term.

Marc Andreessen coined the famous phrase “Software is eating the world" predicting that large swathes of the economy will be taken over by software and technology. That’s not a 10x improvement, it’s a 38x one. Warren Buffet says compounding interest is the 8th wonder of the world. Minke see these trends as the power behind DeFi’s growth. 

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