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The Crypto Conversation

May 28, 2020

Framework Ventures is a San Francisco based venture firm with a strong DeFi thesis. Framework believes a new age of venture capital is upon us, known as ‘Network Capital.’ Rather than just hold onto the asset, this type of investing aims to be more holistic.

“If you're going to be investing in decentralized networks, this requires a new hybrid model where the stakeholders can participate in market-making, staking, and governance.”

Framework is a major holder of Chainlink’s LINK token.

Why you should listen:

Framework Ventures is a thesis-driven venture firm that partners with founders and teams to build token-based networks and develop the requisite cryptoeconomics, governance, and community to scale. Framework are very bullish on the DeFi space in general, and particularly on Chainlink and Synthetix. Vance Spencer, a co-founder at Framework, spent time as head of strategy for Netflix Japan. His co-founder Michael Anderson spent time at Snapchat and Dropbox. This gives Framework unique insight into digital products and networks which they apply to DeFi.

Key takeaway:

Vance says DeFi is still early and just needs time to mature. Chris Dixon said that most new disruptive technology starts out looking like a toy. This is a good analogy for DeFi right now. As DeFi building blocks start to be put together in new and increasingly useful ways, exciting new use cases will be unlocked.

Framework doesn’t invest in Bitcoin and it doesn't invest in Ethereum killers. Framework is long Ether as a core position. Ethereum built liquidity for Ether, it built tooling for Solidity, and it built a passionate dev community. These are significant achievements. 2000 ETH devs dancing on stage at Devcon is not something you can easily replicate. The ETH community is hard to disrupt.

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