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The Crypto Conversation

Sep 14, 2021

Chris Fortier is Vice President of Product at Rally, a project built on Ethereum that helps creators develop economic relationships with their audiences by launching their own crypto social tokens and NFTs.

Why you should listen:

Rally builds tools for creators to launch and grow their crypto economies. Rally started with social tokens but has always imagined a world where a creator’s crypto economy included both fungible tokens and NFTs.

Fans want reasons to buy, use and hold social tokens and creators have pioneered countless ways to power experiences with those tokens. But they also want tangible goods and services — as well as experiences — that they can own in exchange for those social tokens. NFTs and social tokens paired together tie the creator’s crypto economy into a cohesive whole.

Rally is building NFT capabilities that allow creators to focus on utility and collectability versus scarcity. They believe that the true economic value of NFTs will come from creators and their fans using NFTs to drive connections, particularly if creators allow more of their fan-base to participate. By enabling these utility-based NFT use cases, Rally is opening up a world for creators to experiment in their engagements with their fans and focus on offerings that delight their broader fan base rather than a small set of deep-pocketed speculators.

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