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The Crypto Conversation

Aug 3, 2020

James Beattie is the CEO of the Toronto Futures Options Swaps Exchange (tFOSE), a new Canadian-based derivatives exchange and clearinghouse. tFOSE is currently seeking regulatory approval in Canada and plans to open for trading in early 2021.


Why you should listen:

Canada has been slow to bring institutional-grade crypto asset products to market. The Canadian exchange-traded derivatives market is ripe for disruption. Issues include a lack of liquidity driving order flow out of Canada, high FX cost and currency risk, high trading fees, and a lack of product innovation. There’s a growing demand for traders to diversify their portfolios and exposure, hedge risk, and access an emerging asset class without having to directly hold the underlying crypto assets. tFOSE aims to provide a solution to these issues.  

James Beattie, tFOSE CEO says they are working closely with regulators in Canada. “Regulators have put forward a definitive affirmative effort to understand crypto. It's incumbent on ecosystem participants to build the right way. If they want the benefits of regulation, they should understand process and due diligence. You must play by the rules, there is no downside to transparency.”


Key takeaway:

tFOSE CEO James Beattie says the team is committed to new derivative solutions that will repatriate order flow to Canada and unlock new global markets. Brave New Coin has signed a contract with tFOSE to design, calculate, and administer a suite of crypto indices to power tFOSE’s cash-settled options trading. tFOSE expects production on the indices to be completed during Q3 2020 with cash-settled crypto options trading beginning in early 2021. James says Brave New Coin was selected as tFOSE crypto index builders after a due diligence process. ”BNC meets all of our needs,” he said, “taking a unique approach to index design, methodology, and governance that will help tFOSE meet the specific, exacting needs of both our retail and institutional investors.”

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