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The Crypto Conversation

Dec 11, 2022

Sakina Arsiwala is the founder of Taki App. Taki is a token-powered social network where everyone can own, manage and earn their own rewards by participating in community conversations.

Why you should listen

Taki is a token-powered social network where all users can earn a daily income. Anyone can create their own crypto creator coin to jumpstart their personal economies. Creators create value by creating content and users can participate in their economies by supporting them.

On Taki all users can earn cryptocurrency for simply showing up and doing things they already do — chatting, sharing, creating. 

Creators can focus less on the size of their following, and can build a robust personal economy creating their own creator coin and engaging with their fans. Everything is on-chain and portable. By making the onramp to crypto easy and accessible Taki hope to enable the next 100 million users.

Taki is pioneering a new #EngageToEarn model where casual users can earn crypto for just showing up and consuming content, interacting with friends, and making new friends, just as they normally would. Taki is a social network that has the token built into its core. Taki differentiates on crypto economy design. Users can easily create their own coins that are freely tradable on the platform and off, and represents a better way for creators/users to monetize their content. 

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