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The Crypto Conversation

Sep 19, 2023

Jason Grewal is the Chief Legal Officer at SYS Labs, a company building products and services for Web3.

Why you should listen

Rollux is SYSLabs’ premier product, an EVM rollup platform rooted in Bitcoin’s PoW for unparalleled security, scalability, and affordability.

Bitcoin is the most secure store of value in blockchain. Its value is protected against malicious actors through its Proof-of-Work protocol and a decentralized global network of miners.

Rollux inherits Bitcoin security by deploying Syscoin on the base settlement layer. Syscoin is a dual-chain (EVM + UTXO) blockchain project that uses merge mining to deploy over 30% of Bitcoin’s security, and continues to grow.

Jason also introduces Camada, a compliant capital-raising platform that aims to connect investors and issuers worldwide while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Jason expresses his opinion on the current state of crypto regulations, highlighting the lack of consensus and unified approach among regulatory agencies. He believes that a new regulatory regime is needed to accommodate the technology and innovation in the crypto industry.

Jason also discusses Syslabs' product, SuperDapp, a social platform with AI capabilities and self-custody wallet features. By creating an AI-driven super app that unifies chat, Web3, and social functionalities, SuperDapp aims to transform how users interact with technology and bridge the gaps in the existing fragmented ecosystem. SuperDapp offers an integrated platform where users can access multiple services and features without the need to switch between applications.


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