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The Crypto Conversation

Jan 25, 2022

Luis Molina is co-founder at Superalgos, a trading bots platform that aims to empower a decentralized trading community like WallStreetBets - but being able to mobilize within a couple of minutes.

Why you should listen:

Superalgos allows Algo traders to design, test, and deploy strategies using the #1 trading bots platform on The Superalgos platform integrates crypto trading automation in a visual scripting environment accessible to all and optimized for developers. The leading design principles are maximum power and flexibility. The software is free and open-source, running on your premises so that you have complete control, no third-party risks, and no limitations.

Superalgos is pioneering Decentralized Trading with an open network designed for dominance! The ecosystem's design of incentives turns Superalgos into an ever-evolving technology infrastructure capturing ever-increasing amounts of talent.

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