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The Crypto Conversation

Dec 9, 2020

Haseeb Awan is a cellphone security expert and the CEO of efani - America's most secure & private cellphone service. Haseeb was the creator of the 1st Bitcoin ATM in the U.S.

Why you should listen:

Haseeb has a background in Telecom Engineering. After being targeted by a sim swapper he looked at the weaknesses in existing mobile operators. He then designed a secure solution for his personal use. After growing interest from his network, Haseen founded efani, the most secure, private mobile operator in the U.S.

The potential ROI for sim-swap attackers is massive. Crypto is an attractive target that can be turned into dollars. The sim-swap attack is easy to execute and doesn’t require coding skills.

Once an attacker has control of a phone account, they are often able to gain access to a victim’s email account, Google Drive, passwords, and more. 

Key takeaway:

With crypto prices tracking up, it’s an excellent time to review your security practices. If prices continue to rise more bad actors will be incentivized to target crypto holders.

Mobile phone support staff are underpaid and overworked and are not well trained against sophisticated social engineering attacks. All of the information an attacker needs to know to begin a social engineering attack can be purchased on the dark web.

efani will transfer your existing number to efani and separate your personal information from your telephone number. Efani enforces 11-layers of military-grade client-side integrity, privacy and authentication protection.

Efani is not for everyone, the company is a boutique solution for those who understand the value of privacy and security. 

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