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The Crypto Conversation

Apr 28, 2022

Shiv Malik is the CEO of Pool, a data platform and marketplace that wants to increase data privacy and enable individuals to monetize their own data.

Why you should listen

Pool’s purpose is to redistribute power, value, and control in the data economy. Pool's platform supports organizations that enable ordinary people to monetize and share their data. These are called Data Unions. And because those people are positively engaged in sharing their information, data products on Pool’s platform are richer, more relevant, and easier to license. It’s data working for everyone.

UK-based Pool, currently valued at $39m, is building a data marketplace and associated payment rails for new data-sharing entities called data unions. These new data-sharing organizations are themselves seeking to leverage shifts in privacy, the end of consumer data following Chrome’s deletion of third-party cookies, and new EU rules for data portability which are due to come into effect next year.

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