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The Crypto Conversation

Jun 26, 2023

Elena Sinelnikova is the Decentralization Coordinator of the MetisDAO Foundation and co-founder of Metis, a layer-2 solution built on Ethereum powering dApps, businesses, and communities by scaling Ethereum to what it’s meant to be - boundless.

Why you should listen

Metis, a layer-2 solution built on Ethereum works to provide a completely decentralized infrastructure to support the emerging web3 economy. Metis’ goal is to simplify the process of decentralization by making the technology accessible, adaptable, and affordable for anyone to get involved, from individual developers to established enterprises. With the lowest fees available across blockchain ecosystems, Metis makes it easier for businesses to utilize blockchain technology efficiently and at low cost.

Elena discusses how they solve for scalability, security, and decentralization while maintaining their vision of easy onboarding for businesses onto the blockchain to create a Web3 economy.


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