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The Crypto Conversation

Sep 23, 2021

Joel Dietz is a technology entrepreneur and early contributor to Ethereum. The founder of Swarm Network Joel is researching blockchain network topologies, swarm intelligence, and holonic philosophy. Joel is working on Art Wallet, a smart wallet for NFTs.

Why you should listen:

Art Wallet is a one-stop solution for the NFT markets and the Metaverse. ArtWallet provides a solution for storing and owning NFTs with a simple gateway to NFT marketplaces. ArtWallet provides a media delivery vehicle for the playback of unique audio/visual content.

Created with Data Persistence and Authenticity Verification in mind, the protocol acts as a useful gateway to the most reputable NFT platforms while also providing a media delivery vehicle for unique audiovisual playback. ArtWallet even supports NFT content rental, introducing a new primitive in the market and giving users the convenience of only paying for the time they use the material itself. The protocol’s media delivery vehicle supports exclusive content locked to specific consumers: raising the possibility of accessing fan sites via non-fungible tokens. Holonic philosophy is an evolution of jurisprudence, data-driven approaches to innovation, and smart city data architecture.

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