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The Crypto Conversation

Jan 22, 2020

Samson Mow is the Chief Strategy Officer at Blockstream, a company dedicated to building the financial infrastructure of the future on the Bitcoin blockchain. Samson is an outspoken defender of Bitcoin and a self-described toxic maximalist. On this episode of the Crypto Conversation, Samson explains the Blockstream thesis for Bitcoin, why Bitcoin is the centre of the blockchain universe, and what it’s like to be the target of crypto conspiracy theories.

Why you should listen:

Blockstream is building an array of products and protocols to support, extend, and protect the Bitcoin ecosystem. Samson says the Blockstream Satellite has captured people’s imagination and Andy ponders how Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellite network might support Bitcoin. Plus Samson and Andy discuss Bitcoin stock-to-flow, how the Lightning network can scale Bitcoin to 25,000,000 tps and much more.

Key takeaway:

Companies that are participating in the Bitcoin industry should help to grow and secure the network by mining. Blockstream mining is helping to facilitate this. Samson believes in calling out scams and has embraced the Bitcoin maximalist persona. A certain segment of the population is naturally attracted to conspiracy theories and crypto is no exception. The wildest conspiracy theory about Blockstream is that it is controlled by The Bilderberg Group.

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