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The Crypto Conversation

Feb 17, 2022

Richerd is a professional NFT Degen, a smART contract artist, and the co-founder of Manifold. Manifold enables web3 creators to have true creative ownership, preserve on-chain provenance, and interoperate with all major NFT marketplaces. 

Why you should listen:

Manifold Creator includes a powerful extension framework that allows creators to install blockchain “apps” into their creator contract. This allows creators to create products beyond just visual and audio NFTs and support features beyond just minting.

Manifold Studio combines the power of a Manifold Creator Contract with a seamless user interface to mint your own NFTs with zero coding required. Manifold Studio allows creators to mint original high-quality NFTs while retaining true ownership and provenance of their work.

Manifold is advocating for what's called creative sovereignty, the idea that as a creator, you have full ownership over your creative output.

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