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The Crypto Conversation

Apr 29, 2021

Techemy Capital has launched two actively managed portfolios that allow investors to gain exposure to BTC/ETH price action and the DeFi sector. Trades are executed by Techemy Capital’s Josh Olszewicz. Investors can take advantage of crypto price moves without having to trade themselves - and because Techemy’s products are non-custodial - without releasing control of their assets.


Josh Olszewicz

Why you should listen:

Trader Josh Olszewicz joins Andy to talk about the two actively managed portfolios that Techemy Capital has deployed on Enzyme Finance. Individuals can invest into the portfolios in a non-custodial manner that gives them exposure to Josh’s professional trading strategies.

Key takeaway:

Enzyme Finance is an on-chain asset management platform. Because everything is on-chain all trades are transparent and recorded on the blockchain. Rather than have to learn the stress of trading themselves, investors can simply buy into either portfolio and capture the gains or losses that the portfolios achieve over time. Investors can enter or leave the portfolios at any time.

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