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The Crypto Conversation

Mar 28, 2022

Brett Herskope aka Eliherf is a project lead for Stacks Parrots, a collection of Parrot NFTs on Stacks. Eliherf is also head of community for several NFT communities in the Stacks ecosystem. 

Why you should listen

Eliherf has a background in education, and he has found that these skills have helped him to become a strong advocate for NFT communities. He says the best community managers are like a concierge or a barista. They are welcoming and know eveyone’s name. 

Stacks Parrots is a collection of 402 unique and talking parrots NFTs secured by Bitcoin living in the metaverse.

As well as leading the Stacks Parrots team, Eliherf is an advocate for the entire Stacks ecosystem of projects, NFT teams and communities. Everyone knows Eliherf and Elihef knows everyone. He says it’s important to look after your mental health and don’t stop having fun with it. 

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