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The Crypto Conversation

Nov 25, 2021

Jake Sally is the COO of Jadu, an AR platform and narrative layer for Web3 and the metaverse. Jadu is pioneering the functionality of digital assets in AR and the physical world by converting 3D NFTs into playable avatars and objects that can interact with each other in an ever-expanding AR game world. Jadu is minting 5555 hoverboard NFTs in December.

Why you should listen:

Jadu’s vision is to build unparalleled 3D utility for NFTs, partnering with key players in the crypto community to deliver a virtually native future where creation of content is democratized, decentralized, and creator-owned in a world where players can mobilize in Web 3 and build valuable communities.

Jadu Hoverboards are NFTs that can be used to fly your avatars in the Metaverse and in Augmented Reality. Along with Jadu Jetpacks, they will also function as key transport mechanisms in Jadu’s AR Mirroverse game next year. 

Jadu’s NFT Hoverboards will include collaborations with Lewis Hamilton; GRIMES; Snoop Dogg; Mimi Onuoha and NFT curator, Trippy. These artists will work with Jadu to design and release 5555 Jadu Hoverboard NFTs which go on sale December 12 for a cost of 0.222 ETH.

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