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The Crypto Conversation

May 29, 2022

James West is the co-founder of Globe. A crypto exchange funded by Y Combinator and Pantera Capital, Globe’s goal is to enable its customers to exchange everything. Globe offers new products such as volatility trading among more traditional spot and perpetuals markets, and innovative approaches to managing risk with their Unified Margin system.

Why you should listen

Globe co-founder and CEO James West is a technologist, digital assets pioneer, and former trader and investor. He led the quantitative team at a hedge fund for four years, growing it from a small family fund to $300m assets under management with incredible risk-adjusted returns. He earned his PhD from UCL, just across from DeepMind’s Demis Hassabis, his research has now generated over 600 citations. Prior to that, he studied algebraic geometry at Cambridge University under 2018 Fields Medallist Caucher Birkar.

Globe aims to be a robust and rewarding exchange platform, with market-leading performance and deep liquidity, and payouts and fee discounts for staking GDT, the token that powers Globe.

They are a provider of Bitcoin security services that enable users to have total self-custody over their crypto holdings, without risk of theft or hacks like those experienced by exchanges. 

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