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The Crypto Conversation

Aug 26, 2022

Jason Cozens is the founder and CEO at Glint - a platform and app that enables users to digitally buy, sell, send, and use gold as everyday money. 

Why you should listen

Jason began development of Glint in 2015, launching the first iteration of the Glint app three years later. Jason’s vision for a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to prosper has culminated in the creation of a global payments platform that enables its users to buy, sell, save, send and spend real, allocated gold, even at the checkout, using the Glint Mastercard and the Glint app. Glint, which also supports fiat currencies on its platform, has over 104,000 registered users in over 200 eligible countries. Glint, regulated by the FCA in the UK, has completed more than $300 million worth of transactions to date. Glint clients’ gold is securely stored in a Brinks vault in Switzerland, insured by Brinks with Lloyds of London.

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