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The Crypto Conversation

Jul 29, 2021

Iqbal V Gandham is VP of Payments & Transactions at Ledger. One of the best-known companies in crypto, Ledger has sold more than 3 million hardware devices and secures an estimated 15% of all crypto assets. Ledger is now preparing to make inroads into Web3.

Why you should listen:

As we move towards a world where all types of assets will be digitized, providing users with the most complete and secure user experience will be more important than ever. Ledger Live is an all-in-one digital asset management application that allows users to exchange, stake, and lend their crypto, interact with dapps and manage NFTs. When combined with Ledger’s hardware, Ledger Live provides best-in-class security for users in the digital asset environment. Iqbal hints that a new Ledger hardware wallet is coming in 2022.

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