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The Crypto Conversation

May 18, 2023

Harrison Hines is the CEO and co-founder of Fleek, the web3 development and infrastructure platform, and Fleek Network, the decentralized Edge network, and protocol. 

Why you should listen

Fleek is a Web3 infrastructure platform that surfaces protocols like IPFS, Arweave, Filecoin, Akask, POKT, ENS, and more. Fleek lets developers use them independently or combine them together to create awesome new Web3 experiences.

Harrison discusses his journey in the industry and how he was drawn to decentralizing the web. He explains that Fleek is a Web3 development platform that focuses on the non-smart contract side of DApps such as IPFS hosting and storage. Harrison also talks about the current state of Web3 developer culture and its potential for growth, but notes that there are still gaps to fill such as better tooling and more user-friendly experiences for developers using these protocols. He highlights the Fleek Network's ability to offer cost advantages without sacrificing performance or reliability when compared with traditional cloud providers in Web Two.

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