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The Crypto Conversation

Sep 17, 2023

Lodewyck Berghuijs is the CEO and co-founder of Delos Digital, the parent company to Kodoma and Pantheon Mining. Lodewyck shares his personal journey into bitcoin mining after facing challenges in the music industry due to COVID-19. 

Why you should listen

The narrative around Bitcoin's energy consumption is evolving, with a shift towards recognizing its positive impact on driving sustainable energy sources.

Pantheon's focus is on catering to high-net-worth individuals, while Kodoma offers fractionalized Bitcoin mining for retail investors. The conversation touches on the challenges faced by individual home miners due to energy costs and technological advancements. Lodewyck stresses the importance of decentralization and encourages more people to participate in Bitcoin mining through the options provided by Pantheon and Kadoma. He highlights the profitability potential of bitcoin mining compared to simply buying and holding bitcoin, especially when considering long-term strategies aligned with halving cycles.

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