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The Crypto Conversation

Aug 17, 2020

Kosala Hemachandra is the founder and CEO of MyEtherWallet, one of the original and most popular Ethereum wallets. MEW is now at the center of a fast growing ecosystem designed to become the nexus of Ethereum.

Why you should listen:

MyEtherWallet was founded in 2015, ten days after the launch of Ethereum - as one of the first client-side interfaces for the Ethereum blockchain. With first-mover advantage, it became the default Ethereum wallet for the first users of Ethereum. MyEtherWallet was a popular and user-friendly wallet that supported ERC-20 tokens — important for engaging with ICOs. As a result, MEW attracted a large user-base during the ICO boom of 2017.

Kosala says, “the MEW motto is that if it works with Ethereum it works with MEW. Our goal is to become the nexus of Ethereum.”

MEW is the umbrella brand for the MEW ecosystem that includes MEWwallet, MEWtopia, and MEWconnect.

Key takeaway:

Kosala says there are some similarities between the ICO boom of 2017 and the current interest in DeFi. He says that is human nature to be attracted to hype and speculation. However, he says he is excited by the promise and potential of DeFi as a technology and what it brings to Ethereum. 

The first MyEtherWallet DeFi integrations are with Ren and Aave, with more to come. The new MyEtherWallet DeFi integrations use MEWconnect, a connection protocol designed to let Dapp developers make their Dapps available to MEW users. Dapp developers can make their products available to a large user base while MEW users can access the growing suite of decentralized tools and apps designed to navigate the Ethereum ecosystem.


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