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The Crypto Conversation

Nov 8, 2019

BTSE is a crypto asset exchange and futures trading platform. BTSE has partnered with crypto data company Brave New Coin to create two indices - the BBCX and BBAX, around which BTSE has developed futures trading products. Brian Wong and Lina Seiche from BTSE talk to Andy Pickering about crypto futures trading, the role of marketing and social media in crypto, and we finish with the Crypto Conversation hot take round. 


Key takeaway:

An index tracks the performance of a basket of assets to represent the overall strength of a market. The new BTSE BBCX index tracks Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and can be combined with leveraged futures trading. Brian discusses the collaborative process working with the Brave New Coin market data team to create the index. Brian and Lina explain why they think the next Bitcoin bull run will be even bigger than 2017, how futures trading allows miners and traders to hedge their positions and why liquidity attracts liquidity.


Why you should listen:

Lina talks about the importance of separating signal from noise on social media and at crypto conferences. She explains why there is a first-place prize of 10 Bitcoins in the BTSE trading competition and why centralized exchanges need to win the trust of their users. In the Crypto Conversation hot-take round, Brian says he admires the vision of Andrew Yang, Lina explains why BTSE sponsors the Magical Crypto Friends, and why she respects Elon Musk’s vision to take humanity to another planet. Not to be outdone in the sci-fi stakes, we learn that Brian’s Twitter handle is a reference to the Infinite Square Well - the particle in a box model in quantum mechanics. Brian says that his favorite sci-fi film is Interstellar, while Lina admits to being more of a fantasy fan, and picks the Lord of the Rings as her fantasy literature of choice. 


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