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The Crypto Conversation

Jan 20, 2022

The Crypto Coral Tribe is a creative hub and NFT project leveraging art and tech to protect the natural world - the Crypto Coral Tribe invests 50% of all proceeds in a community-led Impact Fund. 

Why you should listen:

The Crypto Coral Tribe aims to have a positive impact on the world by driving marine and wildlife restoration, and ethical art. NFTs are a perfect vehicle for driving change. NFTs allow verifiable collaboration on an unprecedented scale. 

The inspiration for the Crypto Coral Tribe art and mission stems from nature. The founders have grown up on coasts all over the world and have a deep connection with the ocean. 

The NFT collection will be on Solana due to its close-knit community and energy efficiency. Solana consumes approx 1,837 Joules of energy per TX; less than the environmental impact of two Google searches. 

At the heart of the project lies the Impact Fund, an environmental investment fund. The IF will be seeded with 50% of mint proceeds and all future revenues. The goal is to use blockchain technology to create a community-led fund that proposes, discusses, and votes on how the investments are made.

By holding a Crypto Coral NFT you will have a voice in how the capital is allocated.

The IF’s first pledge is to plant 3,000 corals across 3 continents. Coral reefs are expected to decline by up to 90% over the next 20 years. This is an existential threat to our global ecology.

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