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The Crypto Conversation

Aug 29, 2022

Chris Castig is co-founder of Console, a Web3 Discord with DAO Tooling for decentralized communities. He’s a General Manager at Trust Machines and an adjunct professor at Columbia University Business School. 

Why you should listen

Console is designed to be a web3-ready Discord. Discord is currently home to many NFT communities but it is not crypto native, and preyed upon by crypto scammers. Console is built from the bottom up to give the web3 community more control over their personal data with a crypto-native application. 

Chris says Console is Built on Web3 Principles: 

Console is decentralized, in the first release identity verification, voting and multisig transactions will be on-chain and decentralized. Moving forward, Console will employ a progressively decentralized approach based on the needs of its communities. 

Console is open source and secure by design — Users are verified with native smart contracts, not third-party bots. Because identity is stored on the Bitcoin blockchain, you can feel safe knowing that your identity is secured by Bitcoin. And unlike Facebook, Instagram, Discord and nearly every other social media app, Console doesn’t own access to your identity, uers do. Console will be community owned via the Console DAO. Console is currently in beta, you can sign up for the waitlist or to get early access for your community.

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