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The Crypto Conversation

Oct 29, 2021

Battle Drones is a collection of 10,000 programmatically generated collectible artworks, hovering on the Solana blockchain. Each Battle Drone provides access to the Battle Drones ecosystem and play-to-earn game. A console Battle Drones game is coming in 2022. The artwork is inspired by the founders' PhD studies in the field of human drone interaction at the University of Auckland. 

Why you should listen:

Battle Drones was inspired by the background of the founders. They are PhD students and engineers who have studied drone flight and human drone tactile interaction. Battle Drones 2D artwork will be developed into a Metaverse character when the PC and Console game is launched in 2022. To engage the community in the lead up to that point, Battle Drones will launch community challenges, including browser-based minigames. Once the 3D avatar is airdropped users can lend them to other people around the world for a fee to play within the Battle Drones metaverse. By doing this the community members will make their NFTs more valuable as they progress within the rankings.

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