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The Crypto Conversation

Jun 25, 2023

David Tse, a professor at Stanford University and co-founder of Babylon Chain, discusses the integration of proof-of-work Bitcoin security with proof-of-stake chains. The combination of these two opposing security models creates a more powerful protocol. 

Why you should listen

Babylon Chain was founded in 2021 and has integrated with 28 Cosmos chains on its testnet. 

David Tse discusses the importance of increasing the value of Bitcoin to maintain high security and value. He explains Babylon's Bitcoin staking protocol, which utilizes assets such as Bitcoin to secure proof of stake chains. David envisions a future where only a few chains like Bitcoin and Ethereum provide security for other chains while their tokens focus on utility and application development. He believes that blockchain will one day have a tremendous impact on changing how humans interact, similar to wireless communication infrastructure. 


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