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The Crypto Conversation

Jun 22, 2023

Maxwell McKendry is Director of Business Development for Phi Labs, building out the Archway blockchain - an incentivized L1 blockchain that allows developers to capture the value their dapps create, enabling sustainable economic models. Mainnet launch is coming in July.

Why you should listen

Max McKendry, Director of Business Development for Phi Labs discusses Archway blockchain, which aims to incentivize developers by enabling them to capture the value that their dapps create and build sustainable economic models. The Archway Foundation held a public sale through Coin List where they distributed 5% of the total supply. The purpose was to distribute, supply, and decentralize the protocol, which sold out in under an hour. 

They plan on launching Mainnet in early July with user-facing applications as well as developer-facing tooling along with AWS-like interoperability with easy-to-use tools for web two developers and users who want to launch new business models on-chain easily while being intuitive at the same time.

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