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The Crypto Conversation

May 22, 2023

Liam Bacon and Jacob Horgan are the co-founders of Aradena, a gaming platform that uses innovative gameplay developments and web3 to revolutionize competitive gaming. The token sale for the Aradena Gold token is happening soon.

Why you should listen

Aradena: Battlegrounds offers a unique, immersive and compelling battle system that is strategic and fun. A competitive strategy game that combines the deck-building mechanics of CCGs like Hearthstone, with the strategic moment-to-moment gameplay of the likes of Civilisation, Warhammer and XCOM - all this creates a new and exciting competitive strategy gameplay experience, set in the medieval fantasy Kingdom of Aradena.

Liam and Jake discuss the principles behind creating a successful blockchain game, which includes creating gameplay that is fun and addictive. They explain their sustainable game economy design, which involves having more syncs than sources to control token emissions. They also introduce their dual economy system with silver and gold economies. In terms of user acquisition strategy, they focus on targeting both Web3 gamers and traditional gamers by removing barriers to entry for traditional gamers. Their ultimate goal is to onboard millions of traditional gamers into web3 gaming by providing an amazing game experience enhanced by Web3 technology. Finally, they talk about their Aradena Battlegrounds game which utilizes trading card game mechanics in a snappy gameplay format.

Aradena will be launching its closed beta soon, which requires owning one of their Warrior NFTs; they will also launch their token sale shortly after the closed beta release date announcement.

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